Did you know that a Financially stressed employee

has a direct impact on Corporate profitability?

Scalable and customised financial wellness solutions

for your employees using smart technology

Did you know that a Financially stressed employee

has a direct impact on Corporate profitability?

Scalable and customised financial wellness solutions

for your employees using smart technology

Employee Financial Stress: The hidden epidemic.

Your employees financial stress meter

Your total employees:

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52% are less effective at work due to financial problems

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35% feel financial worries are
affecting their lives

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54% worry about their
future financial state

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75% admit to above
average or high stress

On an average, Indian companies lose ₹10 crores every year

behind every 1000 employees* due to Employee Financial Stress

*Source: ArthaYantra’s Employee Wellness Survey, 2017 covering 3000 employees from 8 industries across India.

Improving employees’ financial wellness: How does it make business sense?

The key impacts of financially stressed employees are absenteeism, presenteeism and attritions which is a direct cost to the company.
Employees are looking to the work place to provide help as they spend most of the time at work and take 90% of the financial decision there.
Making financial wellness as a part of employee benefits is doing the right thing for employees that can boost company’s productivity and profitability.

What should organizations do to mitigate this hidden epidemic?

Employers who strategize and empower their employees with the financial tools to improve their situation will see a positive impact across the board.

ArthaYantra’s Financial Wellness Program

Objectively improves the Organization’s financial wellness

How it’s unique




Outcome driven

What our Customers Say about us?

  • The Production function of TVS Motor wanted to start an initiative to conduct Personal Financial wellness programs for employees to improve their work life balance. After evaluating many agencies, we finally homed in on Arthayantra primarily because  Arthayantra was the only agency providing an opportunity to an individual employee to create his/her own customized financial plan. This was over and above the training session on Personal finance. Hence both the micro and macro approaches were available to help employees.
    By far, our experience with ARTHAYANTRA has been very fruitful.

    We had employees across tenure and seniority who enrolled for the programme. Almost all employees have appreciated the advice given by Arthayantra & have taken actions to improve their personal financial wellness. Employees are very happy with this initiative as it was one of its kind. This initiative has become very popular and more departments have expressed interest in conducting this programme. I express my sincere thanks to the Arthayantra team for the successful implementation of this initiative.

    S Shankar HRBP
    Operations – TVS Motors

  • ArthaYantra has done amazing job by helping our employees to follow a structured plan to create financial goal so that they are financially secured. I am euphoric with the team of ArthaYantra who have understood me and my employee’s needs and recommended sustainable financial plans to create wealth for future

    Vinay Ravindran
    Manager-Human Resources SG Analytics

  • ArthaYantra ensured that our employees are well educated on the financial front and help them to plan there investments & how to be in control of their finances.

    Rosy Khurana
    SR, Manager HR at MOL-IPS

  • The Financial Wellness program was an eye opener in many ways. It helped us identify ways and means to save and multiply our hard-earned money. The online platform provided by ArthaYantra is a powerful way to put that learning to use. A must attend program for all

    Srikanth Soni
    Manager, Community and Operations Ikeva

  • Our employees found good value in the program and do feel they are better equipped to plan their financials in future

    Vandana Sharma
    Chief People Officer at HolidayIQ, Bengaluru

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